Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy is an interesting alteration of standard rummy, combined with Texas Hold ‘Em poker. It is found exclusively in casinos and available only as a video poker slot machine game. Real world machine versions of the game exist, played via a set of buttons using a simple system.

The game is also available to play online at many digital casinos, accessible via internet browser on computer, and may be downloaded from application stores for mobile phone and tablet. The game has been highly popular with veteran and causal gamblers, due mostly to the simple rules that are quick to grasp and fun to experiment with, and is rapidly expanding to be adopted by many more online and real world casinos around the world. To play the game now, simply search for it via an online search engine, or look for it in the applicable application store.

How To Play

The first few important rules of the game to understand are the following; the game is played with a single fifty two deck of cards. Most cards have the same value as poker rules, with two to ten equalling the value of the pips, and jack, queen and king all being worth ten. The only card that varies from standard poker is the ace. In poker ace may be considered to be worth ten, and can make up some of the most valuable hands in the game.


In Vegas Three Card Rummy ace always only has a value of one, whatever circumstances t is played in. Importantly, the goal of Vegas Three Card Rummy is to have a score lower then that of the dealer. As a round starts the player must make an ante payment, which will be a set amount. The ante is followed by an additional bet, but may be as high or lower as the player prefers, depending on how their game is progressing. Cards are now dealt to both the player and the dealer. Those dealt to the dealer are facedown.

The player may now add up the value of his cards. Any cards that form a poker hand such as a pair, three of a kind, or running consecutively in numerical order are worth zero points. Cards that do not form the poker hand count as per the values stated above. Hence, a player may get two aces and a jack. The score in this case would be ten, counting just the jack.

Winning Or Losing

Having seen his cards, the player may now raise his bet, or fold if the hand seems to be too high in score. Note that any bet made at this point may only be equal to the original bet made, and not higher or lower. The dealer cards are now turned over. If the dealer has scored more then twenty points, the player will automatically be the winner. If the dealer has less than twenty points, the two totals are compared, and if the player has a lower total they are the winner. Note that payouts are made based on the score the player has achieved, with a lower score always paying out highest.