Surfing Betting

Surfing refers to riding a wave and this can be done using a board or without a board.  For example the natives of the Pacific would surf using other craft or on the stomach and knees.  Today surfing almost always refers to a person riding a wave using a board.  Other forms of surfing include body boarding, long boarding, two-in-surfing or short boarding.  Surfing is predominantly done in the ocean but can also be done in lakes or rivers as well as artificial waves.

How to Choose a Site

The first thing to do when deciding to bet on surfing is to choose a good sports betting site.  There are thousands to choose from so it is best to do some research before signing up with one.  Many sites offering betting on surfing will also offer good introductory offers and bettors will find these worthwhile when choosing a site.

The best way to bet on surfing is to rather place a wager on one surfer to win or on a single heat or competition.  Bettors may also want to try an accumulator bet.  Some sports betting sites will also have futures betting, usually for big events, where bettors can start placing bets in advance.  Being knowledgeable about surfing as well as the conditions will go a long way to increasing the odds of winning.  For example checking weather reports or doing research on a particular surfer.  As with other online gaming, sports betting can also become addictive so bettors should always be responsible.

Know your Sport

The fact that surfing is a sport for individuals makes it possible to follow one particular surfer and becoming knowledgeable on their form as well as their performance under certain conditions.  This kind of information will give bettors the edge when placing a wager.  The governing body of surfing is The Association of Professional Surfing (ASP) and the pro surfing season runs between March and December.  The big tournaments usually offer the best odds and the pro surfing calendar includes events such as The Quicksilver Pro, Rip Curl Pro, Volcom Fiji Pro, Hurley Pro and Billabong Pipe Masters to name a few.

How to Bet

Before getting started it is important that bettors have an understanding of how to bet on surfing.  Understanding the odds is key.  On some sites the odds may be in fractions or decimal points.  Fractional odds are easy to work out.  The first number shows how much a bettor will win if the amount of money for the 2nd amount is bet.  Decimal odds seem complicated but basically bettors must multiply their bet by the decimal amount and the total will be what bettors will win plus the amount wagered.

Types of Bets

There are a few types of surfing bets.  The easiest bet is to bet on one surfer to win one heat.  Most bets are made this way.  This type of bet is also referred to as a moneyline bet.  Parlays or accumulators often do not offer good odds. With this type of bet bettors place a bet on two or more heats with the same surfer or different ones.  If both win, bettors will win including their original bet, but if one loses then bettors will win nothing.  Futures betting is placing a bet on events that will happen in the future and mobile sports betting sites will often open the betting weeks or even months in advance.

Having a sound understanding of the sport, the odds and how the different bets work is the key to being successful.