online casinos with highest payout rates

Online Casinos with Highest Payout Rates Determined by Algorithms

Online casino play is big business. There are millions of participants in online casino play around the world, and this number keeps rising, irrespective of credit crunches, austerity measures and economic downturns. Continuous industry growth and increasing numbers of players makes this a huge global industry, and as such it is worthwhile to know exactly where the online casinos with highest payout rates are found.

Most of the accomplished and recognised online casino sites lease or purchase their software from the well-known and largely reputable companies like Microgaming, Amaya, Realtime Gaming, Playtech, or International Game Technology. The software that these organisations have developed is highly advanced, with independently audited random number generation that has passed international watchdog scrutiny. This means that the software is extremely close, statistically, to complying with the casino’s original aim of offering odds and payback percentages that are determined by the games themselves at land-based casinos.


Payout Rates Often Published on Websites

More and more online casinos, and it does depend on the software that powers the casino, but generally it is becoming the norm for online casinos to publish their payout percentage audits on their websites. This enables players to be more confident, and knowledgeable of the payout rates each game offers. Provided the casino uses a statistically acceptable random number generator, table games such as blackjack or roulette have a house edge that has been established and accepted over the years at brick and mortar casinos. The payout percentages for these games may be prescribed by the software program, but are based on casino game research and set effectively by the rules of the particular game being played. They should, therefore, be universal.

The Hunt for High Payouts

The online casinos with highest payout rates are constantly being sought out by players who assume that this is the heart of casino playing, but the facts of the matter are that, apart from the slot machines that are subject to individual design algorithms, the payout rates are, statistically, more affected by the casino bonuses and special offers online that individual casinos offer, and whether the playing conditions are safe and secure.

Online gambling and casino facilities are catering to more and more knowledgeable players. With most reputable casinos anxious to prove their integrity and fairness in order to develop a trusting and loyal clientele, transparency is becoming the order of the day. Some of the Bitcoin casino range even facilitate players being able to confirm the randomness of the game themselves. As the internet communication and networking facilities enable participants at these online casinos to be more selective when choosing where to spend their money, emphasis is falling on bonuses and overall published payout rates, which would be affected directly by the bonuses paid and prizes offered.

Individual Game Payout Rates Considered 

Payout rates are therefore going to vary from game to game as well as from casino to casino. Blackjack, as a game, has fairly good odds, especially when the play follows basic strategy. The latest slot machines operate at around the 96% payout rate. Bingo games can often favour the player, depending on the number of participants. Poker and any strategy requiring game will obviously have variable payouts. Dice games and roulette operate on calculable statistical odds with an established house edge, and online or offline have the same payout rates.

Therefore, online casinos with highest payout rates are effectively those with accredited security and that are independently audited and regulated.