Mobile pai gow poker

Mobile Pai Gow Poker a Joy to All

It has often been said that the beauty of the internet was that it brought joy to everyone. Since the mobile revolution and the gradual trend towards what has become a ubiquitous device, mobile access to casino play certainly has brought joy to masses of people. This observation is certainly especially true in the case of some of the lesser known casino games. Sure, casino game play itself has brought joy to millions, and players from all over the world can now enjoy high quality casino gaming online, but sometimes it’s the rarer games that are the most attractive. Like Pai Gow poker.

The Origins of the Game

Accepted as a fully-fledged member of the poker family, Pai Gow Poker was first devised by Sam Torosian in 1985. It is actually is based on a Chinese domino game of the same name. The properties of Pai Gow poker is that it is a relatively low risk game, with a comparatively moderate rate of play. Considered primarily a game of skill, most hands in this game need to be played in an obvious and standard way. The fact that players play directly against the dealer in mobile pai gow poker, makes this a terrific game for play at a moments’ notice, such as when commuting of taking a break.


The mobile access to casino sites has changed the types of casino games played. A game that has turned out rather surprisingly popular, mobile pai gow poker has become a staple offering at most larger online casinos and poker rooms.

Rules of Mobile Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is played using a standard deck of cards with the addition of one Joker. The jokers’ role in the game is as a semi-wild card that can be used as an ace when necessary, or to complete a straight or a flush. This has a marked effect on the game odds and bring several irregular hands into play, such as Five of a Kind. A rule that the A2345 straight is known as ‘the wheel’ and ranks as the second highest possible straight is often in effect, but it does depend on the game designers.

In mobile pai gow poker players are dealt seven cards, and the same for the dealer. Similarly to 7-card stud, players then separate their cards into a five-card high hand and a two-card low hand. The rules are that the high hand should be of higher poker value than the low hand. The mobile format is perfectly suited to this relatively simple cards game, since many steps are completely straightforward. The player and the dealer now compare cards, in a showdown fashion. The advantage that the player has is that the dealers’ cards need to be arranged according to the house rules. The two five-card hands, from the player and the dealer, are ranked according to conventional poker rules. The two-card hand, however, which can at best only contain a pair, is generally ranked by the individual cards.

Wins and Pay-Outs

In mobile pai gow poker the dealer wins in the event of a tie. Should the player win both hands, they are paid out even money on their ante bet. Should the player win one hand but lose the other, then the bet is pushed. Anything less than that will favour the dealer and the player loses. The house edge is that the dealer wins with a draw, but generally there are many pushes during the course of a game, which means overall a relatively low risk game.