Game of Thrones 15-Line

Game Of Thrones 15-Line Online Slots Game

Game of Thrones 15-Lines is the slot machine game based on the popular television series, known for providing violence, nudity and drama in equal amounts. The slot machine game may not go a long way to capturing what makes the series popular, and thankfully so given that nudity makes for poor gambling, but it does feature some unique game play features that provide interesting twists on traditional slot machine rules.

The game uses a five reel, fifteen payout line system, as well as having a unique coin tossing feature, which can be used after every win, and a mini-game system that allows a player to side with one of the kingdoms houses. Game of Thrones 15-Line is available to be played on home computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

Standard Play Symbols

With not a quirky dwarf or sexy queen in sight, Game of Thrones 15-Line instead uses symbols based around the legendary seven kingdoms features in the books and television series. These are recognisable as coins with house sigils clearly seen upon their face.


Some of the coins are; a golden lion on a red background, a dire wolf head on a silver background, a stag on a yellow background, and more. Each of the coins varies in value, and will payout if matched with themselves at least three times. The remaining symbols of the game are the jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. The game also features a standard user interface, including an auto play system, that allows players to let the game essentially play itself, with no input required, as well as a betting system, letting the player bet from one to ten coins per spin.

Bonus Feature Systems

The Game of Thrones logo is this games wild symbol, allowing matches to be created with more frequency. The wild symbol may match with any other standard symbol once, or twice, allowing for some fairly major payouts. It is the iron throne, however, that player’s should be keeping their eye on. This is the scatter symbol, and can match with itself twice, or three times.

In both cases the bonus mini game will be triggered, but with added wilds in the case of three times. During the bonus mini-game a player must select on of the houses to back. Each house offers a different combinations of free spins, added bonuses during those free spins, and upfront cash. All choices are essentially equal in value, with just what the player prefers being the deciding factor. In all cases the choice will likely be a very lucrative once. The final interesting feature of Game of Thrones 15-Line is the gamble feature.

After any win, the gamble option will be illuminated, near the spin button. If pressing this button the player will be presented with a coin. They must simply select heads, or tails, and let fate take its course. If winning, the initial win will be doubled. If losing, it is all gone for good. This may be repeated as many times as the player prefers. The player may end the game at any time, and return to the slot machine.