Cash Express Series by Aristocrat Gaming Machines

Cash Express Series by Aristocrat Gaming Machines

The Cash Express Series by Aristocrat Gaming Machines is a collection of real world slot machines, reviving a collection of old classic slot games from years gone by. The games are revived, however, with a very interesting feature. The machines are all linked, regardless of the game, and share a progressive jackpot system.

As the players spin the reels, a jackpot is generated by taking a small amount of each bet and pooling it. At random, one of the players will be granted the jackpot using what is known as a hyperlink system. This means that the player’s screen will change, showing a new set of reels, and a spin will be taken. Depending on the value of the spin the player will be granted the big jackpot, or one of the smaller jackpots. This already unique system is further made interesting by feature not seen in many slot machines; each player is guaranteed to win at least something, assuming that they stay until the end of the session.


Sessions Equals Wins

The Cash Express Series by Aristocrat Gaming Machines works in what is known as sessions. A session begins, and players begin spinning the reels as they normally would. The progressive jackpot grows, as it normally would.

The major difference between this jackpot system and others is that all the players taking part in the session are guaranteed to win at least some money back. The amount may indeed not equal the value of money spent, but some jackpot payout is better then none at all. Especially when you consider that some progressive jackpot systems have not paid out for over two years. Of course, the main thing to consider is that the jackpots generated in the Cash Express Series by Aristocrat Gaming Machines is considerably smaller.

It is also important to keep in mind that anyone leaving their machine before the session s over forfeits their share of the winnings. Furthermore, a person joining after a session has started will also not be allowed a guaranteed jackpot, but may get one regardless, depending on luck.

Game Compatible

The unique Cash Express Series by Aristocrat Gaming Machines system works with a number of games, all of which may be joined together to create the jackpot system. Some of them include Ticket to Ride, Scenic Route, golden whistle, Get on Board, City Limits and more. All of the games share a theme based around trains, and trains rides, but the games themselves are very different. Some veteran slot players may recognise these games from years ago, and needless to say the classic games have been preserved in all their retro glory. Many of the games have, however, had their graphics updated to modern resolution standards, giving them a great high definition shine. Aristocrat Games is known for a number of other classic games, such as the legendary Queen of the Nile, and there is talk of adding these games to the progressive jackpot system. When this will be is not yet known, but the more people ask for it, the greater the chance it will happen sooner rather then later.