Bingos Online

Brief Bingo History

Bingo is a game that has been around for a very long time, as early as the fifteen hundreds. There are many variations of the game, but all involve the player, or group of players, getting a ticket on which numbers are printed. Numbers are then selected at random and read out by an announcer, whereby the player marks them off on their card. If the player manages to mark off a series of numbers on their card forming a consecutive line, the amount of which varies depending on the game, that player is the winner.

The game is not often directly associated with gambling, but is in fact one of the earliest forms of gambling allowing large groups of people to all participate at one time. In London there were as many as six hundred bingo halls until recently, but this number has dropped dramatically with many veteran players abandoning real life halls in favour of online versions. Playing bingos online, however, generally offers a slightly different experience to what is traditionally accepted. The rules of the game will often have been tweaked, not only allowing the player a better chance at winning, but also at winning more then once per single round of the game.


Bingos Online

Playing bingos online is very much like the real life version, only the tickets are digital, the announcer no longer a person, and the groups playing potentially much larger. One thing immediately noticeable about bingos online is that the cards are no longer printed on cardboard. The system itself, however, is virtually identical, and players may mark off their umbers by simply tapping them or clicking them as they are read out. Also, as with real world casinos, the online versions will often also have a bonus number, or special feature number, which will grant an additional bonus prize if marked.

This prize may be extra cash, a number of free bingo cards, or any other form of prize, depending on the game itself. It is also interesting to note that players often refer to online bingo as having the fastest turnaround time, faster even then bingo offered in casinos, which already greatly reduced how long an average round of bingo takes. This, of course, is because in the online world there are no mechanical devices to reset, and players do not physically have to leave a room if not wanting to be involved in the next round.

Twenty Four Hour Access

Players of bingos online have a convenience that traditional players could only dream of; twenty our hour access to games that never end. There will, of course, be a limited amount of people playing at 3AM in any local area, perhaps restricting the number of games that may be feasible, even in an online world. But the beauty of the internet is that a player may participate in games on the other side of the world. Keep in mind, however, that due to currency restrictions it is only allowed for players of a certain region to participate in games in certain other regions. Unless playing bingos online for free, in which case no restrictions of any kind exist.