Best Alien and Space inspired Slot Games

Best Alien and Space inspired Slot Games

With so many slot machine game themes to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on just one. When the options range from television shows, favourite movies, cartoons, musicians and more, who has time to explore all of them? Or the sake of thinning down the choices, here is a look at some of the best alien and space inspired slot games, in no particular order.

Star Bars

First up in the list of best alien and space inspired slot games is Star Bars. The game is a rather cheeky and blatant spin off of Star Wars, but does so in a tongue and cheek kind of way that makes it endearing as apposed to corny. All the symbols in Star Bars are clear rip offs of popular Star Wars characters, changed just enough, in ridiculous fashion, to avoid a law suit, but still very easily recognisable. When first seen many of these rip off characters are worthy of a hearty laugh, making the game enjoyable simply for the humour factor. After all, who has never wanted to see Darth Vader holding a martini glass and clutching a stylish walking stick? In terms of game play Star Bars is a fairly simple three reel system, but with the possibility of triggering a number of common special features and bonuses.


Space Invaders

Next up on the list of best alien and space inspired slot games is Space Invaders. Anyone being born in the eighties is familiar with this game, and will probably not be upset to see that is has survived this long, and been turned into a version of itself where winning money is possible. The main game, using symbols based around the original pixel and block aliens, is a pretty standard affair.

Where the game stands apart from other slot games is that it actually allows the player to shoot at the aliens in some of the mini games. Doing so will reveal prizes and special bonuses beneath, creating, for the first time, a Space Invaders game that could make you wealthy. The game also obligingly sticks to the sound effects of the original game, creating a nostalgia trip that is sure to keep fans of the original smiling.

Invaders From The Planet Moolah

Finally, last, but not by any means the lesser game on the list of best alien and space inspired slot games, is Invaders From the Planet Moolah. If it wasn’t already apparent from the game’s name, this is by far the strangest slot machine game you’re likely to play. It features cow like aliens hovering in UFOs near the top of the screen that methodically abduct all the matching symbols in a spin. Once these tiles are taken, new ones are free to fall in from the top of the screen, allowing for multiple matches. This system, known as a cascading tile system, is both fun to watch, and highly generous to the player. It need not be said, however, that any game with fully animated space cows was already fun to watch. Note that all the above mentioned games are free to play online, and may also be played for real money.