Australian Bingos

Australian Bingos

Bingo in Australia is also called Housie, as a development of the term Full House. This describes a Bingo card that has been completely filled in or daubed, and wins the game. Australian Bingos follow the same rules as traditional games in the United Kingdom and around the rest of the world, and their popularity continues to rise.

Housie has always been seen as more of a social than a gambling activity in Australia, and was often used by churches and non-profit organizations for fundraising. However, these days Australian Bingos are becoming firm favourites at casinos and dedicated game halls where personal profit is as important as social interaction.

The game has proven to be just as successful online as offline, with several online casinos and dedicated sites offering different versions. Online players are not permitted to use sites that are located in Australia, but there are many top-quality sites from around the world that are very easily accessed. Wherever you are in the country and however you want to play, it’s possible and rewarding.


Bingo Basics

Land-based Australian Bingos usually involve 75 balls, although 80-ball and 90-ball versions are also available. You’ll be playing using tickets that you buy, each printed with a grid that uses numbers and letters to label its columns and rows.

Each player is trying to create a pre-set pattern on their tickets, by daubing out squares that correspond to certain numbers and letters. These are called out by an official Caller, who determines the number and letter combinations by drawing balls out of a pool. The first person to complete the pattern is the winner. Prize pots are determined by how many tickets are sold, and you can buy as many as you like. Many games also offer set pot values, though their tickets are usually more expensive.

Online and mobile games follow the same basic principles, but are adapted for digital play. This means the number and letters are combined using Random Number Generation rather than balls being drawn, and that the tickets you buy appear in a pop-up window. Daubing is done by clicking on the correct square on a ticket.

Online Bingo versus Offline Bingo

The social aspect of land-based Australian Bingos should definitely not be underestimated. Playing the games is stimulating and generates a unique sense of camaraderie. The funds raised also often go to good causes, so there is even more reason to play and enjoy the games.

Online and mobile Bingo games do, however, have many of their own advantages. They’re much more convenient, being available to you anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection, and offer a huge range of game choices to every player. More participants mean the prize pots are usually a lot bigger than offline, and Progressive Jackpots link the rewards of several games together for even bigger payouts. The sites usually offer great bonuses to boost your betting and winning potential even more, and free games to help you develop your skills and confidence as well.

Most sites also offer an AutoDaub feature, so you can keep playing even when you are very busy. This also allows you to keep chatting with other online players while your games keep going. Chatting like this makes things more sociable and enjoyable for many players, but you can choose not to when you want to focus on your gameplay.

Essentially, all types of Bingo games have their own pros and cons. Lucky players get to enjoy them all, and to use what they learn with every ticket they daub.