All About High Rollers

All About High Rollers

A high roller (also known as a “whale”) is a gambler who wagers very large amounts of money. Of course, casinos want to keep these players coming back – because they make them the most money. Casinos want to identify them as soon as they can, so they can give them that extra special attention that will make them come back again and again. But how do casinos identify them before they start playing? Staff should be giving them the best treatment as soon as they walk in the door.

Face Recognition Tech

Face recognition technology is getting more and more advanced. Many casinos are beginning to use this technology, which scans every new player’s face as they enter the gambling arena. The main purpose of this is security – the programme then analyses each person’s face and compares it with a growing database of known cheaters and criminals. But this tech can also be used in a different way – by comparing faces with a growing database of known high rollers, casino staff can identify these customers before they place their bets.

See Them In Action

Face recognition technology and simply getting to know customers over time is how casinos identify high rollers. But if you’re interested in watching the “high roller wildlife”, you might want a few easy tips to identify a high roller as another player in a casino. Watching these people really raise the stakes and defy the odds can be one of the funnest parts of a casino experience.

Rules? What Rules?

Often, casinos will allow high rollers to break many of the little rules that are in place. The most visible of these is smoking: most casinos ban smoking, but will not apply this rule to high rollers. So if you see someone sucking on a Cuban cigar or a regular cigarette and not getting stopped by casino staff, you’ve probably spotted a whale.

Look For Large Piles Of Chips

This is an obvious one, but it’s probably the most foolproof way to identify a high roller. Many of the biggest players will bring huge amounts of money in chips to the table. Look for high piles of chips, and people who don’t skip a beat to make a bet that reaches into the thousands or more.

Check Express Lines And The Elevator

If you want a hint at who the high rollers are before you start playing, there are a few hints. First, check if the casino has an express check-in line for VIP guests. You’ve got it: those are the big spenders. Another place to keep your eye open is the elevator. Casinos tend to have their most luxurious rooms at the top floor of the hotel – and we’re talking serious luxury here. The only people who can afford these rooms are the high rollers, and they often get them for free in exchange for their big bets. So if you see someone taking the elevator right to the top, you’ve spotted a high roller in their natural habitat.

It’s not that hard to spot the high rollers if you keep your eyes open. Have fun watching them, but don’t let them distract you from your own game.