5 Reel Drive

5 Reel Drive

5 Reel Drive is an online slot machine created by Microgaming. Its unique art style and theme are what set it apart from other games, centred around cartoon-ish high speed racing with many over the top characters. The main character of the game is a big rig truck driver, sporting a cap, manly beard and cigar. The player sets him racing against the other characters of the game with each spin of the wheel, keeping in mind that the police are never far behind.

In terms of game play 5 Reel Drive uses a five reel system, as the name suggests, combined with a nine reel play system. The player is allowed to select the number of lines they would like to bet on, as well as the amount of the bet, giving a great deal of freedom as far as slot machines are concerned. The game is available to play on home computer, tablet and mobile phone, but is optimised for play on home computers. In order to play on a home computer, simply open the game in an internet browser and wait for it to load.


Basic Play Symbols

Alongside the truck drive are a number of other amusing characters. These include a woman in a pink Cadillac with a mischievous smile, and a flamboyant man in a yellow vehicle sporting an outrageous moustache. The truck driver is the most valuable of the three characters, and will payout a good amount if matched with himself the maximum of five times. The flaming wheel, however, is the most valuable in the game. Various other symbols such as a hamburger, cup of coffee, and slice of pie score less favourably. If looking to make big money in the game, however, the player must look towards the bonus mini-games, which payout massive amounts.

Bonus Features

The road sign is the wild symbol in 5 Reel Drive, and will match with any other symbol to make winning matches. The player may get, for example, two truck drivers and wild to make three truck drivers. Likewise two wilds and two truck drivers will make four truck drivers. Look to the scatter symbol, however for the big money. The scatter symbol in this game is the police car, and will match with itself up to a maximum of five times. Each match grants a certain amount of free rolls, with three in a match being five free spins. Matching the scatter symbol five times, however, will grant a massive fifty free spins, and extra wilds will be added to the reels, increasing the chances of winning matches.

Be sure to keep in mind that free spin bonus wins payout according to how large the bet was for that particular round. This means that it is favourable to land scatter matches with the bet as high as possible. It is not wise, however, to keep the bet high permanently, and favourable to rather raise the bet occasionally in hopes of getting a big scatter pay win. For more details about this game please contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play.